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Iranian Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (IASP)

The Memorandum of

Iranian Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (IASP)


Chapter 1- Generalities:

Article 1- On the strength of 262nd Cultural Revolution High-Council approval dated 29 October 1991 and its related regulations, Pharmaceutical Scientists Association on the basis of following articles which in brief will be called association is established.

Article 2- Association merely in the arenas of scientific, researching, specialist, technical, and guild working is active, and its members don't have the right of political activity with dependency upon political parties and groups.

Article 3- Association is non-profit and from the date of approval by the commission subject to article 4 of 262nd Cultural Revolution High-Council by-law, and registration in companies registration office has legal personality, and the chief of its managing council is its legal representative.

Article 4- The headquarter of the association is in Tehran and its branches can be established in all parts of the country.

Article 5- Association has Iranian nationality (citizenship).

Article 6- Association is established for unlimited term from the date of memorandum approval, and is bound to considering Islamic Republic of Iran laws.


Chapter 2- Description of duties and goals:

Article 7- In order to achieve the mentioned goals in article 2 of the memorandum, association will perform the following measures and activities:

7-1- Creation of scientific, technical, researching, educational, and guild relationships, and exchange of views among researchers, specialists, and other experts that somehow deal with various branches of pharmaceutical sciences.

7-2- Cooperation with the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education, universities and research and educational institutes in planning and major policy making on medicine, treatment, and research and educational issues, and to hold the meetings and continuing education programs.

7-3- Evaluation and revisal of educational and researching plans, and presenting necessary proposals on the mentioned problems.

7-4- Conducting various training, scientific, research, technical, and guild services.

7-5- Persuading and encouraging scientists, researchers, and students in development of scientific, researching, and educational activities.

7-6- Supplementation, compilation and publication of scientific, instructive materials, and to hold continued education programs and research-based  meeting at inside and outside levels, regarding current laws and regulations.


Chapter 3- Membership:

Article 8- Membership in the association would be in the following ways:

8-1- Continuous membership: Association founder stuff and all the pharmacists holding a Ph.D. degree or experts in one of the pharmaceutical fields can become association members based on the above measures.

8-2- Dependant membership: Individuals holding hereunder positions can become dependent members: Pharmacists with a Ph.D. degree, or those specialized expert in one of the medical sciences disciplines, Ph.D. students or residents of various pharmacy and medical sciences disciplines.

8-3- Honorary membership: Persian and foreign personalities which their scientific, cultural and social positions possess special importance, and/or have been contributing effectively in pushing the forward association’s aims, can be accepted as members.

Note 1- Honorary members can with attaining conditions, and proposal of the managing board, by the approval of general assembly be selected as continuous members.

Note 2- Continuous members should hold the founder and managing boards conditions, mentioned in article 7 of the manner of formation and description of duties to the commission subjected to the article 4, 262nd approval of the Cultural Revolution High-Council.

Article 9- Each of the association members annually will pay a set amount as the subscription fee, which will be determined by the managing board and accepted by general assembly.

Note - Paying subscription fee will make no right or claim on association properties for the members.

Article 10- Membership in association come to an end in one of the following cases:

10-1- Written resignation of the member.

10-2- Refusal of paying the subscription fee in the time interval determined by the managing board.

10-3- Loss of one of the membership conditions, and also definite conviction of contemporary or permanent depriving of medical professions in primitive and superior disciplinary councils to the medical disciplinary organization.

Note 1- Duration of membership suspension is equal to deprivation of medical professions duration.

Note 2- Final decision about un-acceptance and termination of membership after informing and confirming by the supervision board on association functions subject to clause 7 to the article 13 of regulations will be made by the managing board.


Chapter 4- Association’s Main Fundamentals:

Article 11- Association has the here under main fundamentals:

11-1- General assembly

11-2- Managing board

11-3- Inspector


A - General assembly:

Article 12 - General assembly will be organized by continuous members, gathering in the event of below mentioned:

12-1- Normal general assembly which is organized once a year and verifying association affairs, also regarding turn, in terms of necessity can be organized extraordinarily.

12-2- Extraordinary general assembly which is formed to accomplish some necessary reforms in memorandum or decision making regarding disorganization of association, the results of its decisions regarding alteration of the memorandum after approval of the commission of article 4 of by-law passed by 262nd session dated on 29 October 1991 of Cultural Revolution High-Council, will be enforceable. General assemblies are organized with the invitation of managing board or inspector or one fifth of the continuous members.

Note 1- Normal and extraordinary sessions of general assembly, each with the presence of at least one half plus one of members being official and decisions are up to the majority of votes.

Note 2- General assemblies in their first session elect one of the members as assembly chief and two as secretaries. Extraordinary and normal sessions of general assembly with proclaimed date and place and instruction of session one month before forming the assembly will be advertised in news papers, or in case of need with written invitation, in order to inform the members.

Note 3- In the case of not reaching the quorum to arrange a general assembly (in normal or extraordinary forms) after one month from the first session, another invitation in the same way proclaiming the first invitation result, is accomplished, where by assembly with any number of the members will be held.

Article 13- Normal general assembly duties are as follows:

13-1- Hearing of general assembly and inspector report and verification and decision making towards the association’s annual activity report.

13-2- Decision making towards the association’s budget and balance sheet and the rate of subscription fee.

13-3- Selection and/or dismissal of the managing board members.

13-4- Election of one of the members as the main inspector and one as reserve.

13-5- Approval of all regulations and executing measures needed to promote association affairs with the offer of managing board.

13-6- Determining a newspaper with high circulation in order to print the association advertisements.

Note - In all the general assembly sessions, mentioned members in note 1 of article 10 of the regulations relating to the manner of formation and description of commission duties subjected to article 4 to by-law 262nd passed on 29 October 1991 by Cultural Revolution High-Council to attend the session, will be invited. In the absence of commission representative, the session won't be formalized.


B - Managing Board:

Article 14- Managing board includes 7 persons, and up to two persons being elected as reserves. Mentioned members will be elected, each for a period of three years, by ballot from amongst continuous members, and re-election of them is permissible. Membership in the managing board is honorary.

Note- Managing board sessions are held once each month and the presence of two third of members is formalized. Decisions depend upon the majority of votes.

Article 15- Managing board in the first session will elect a person as president or chairman, one as vice-president, and another one as the treasurer, by the majority written votes of the managing board.

Note 1- Association president will be responsible for all the current association affairs and implementation of all the managing board approvals and will be the lawful representative of association’s legal personality toward different authorities.

Note 2- Obligatory papers should be signed by association president and treasurer, along with the association’s sealed mark. Official letters would be signed by the president and in his / her absence by vice-president (or deputy chairman).

Note 3- In the event that each of the managing board members not participating in three consecutive or five alternate sessions, without any good excuse (determined  by managing board), he/she will be known as a designated member.

Note 4- In the event of resignation, dismissal, or death of each of the managing board, a reserve member will be determined as his/her successor, for the rest of the term.

Article 16- Managing board is obligated through at most four month before ending its incumbency, summon general assembly to elect the new managing board, and immediately remit the results along with the general assembly, procès-verbal to the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education.

Note - Emanating board, until confirmation of the new managing board by the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education will be in charged of the association’s administration affairs.

Article 17- Duties and Authorities of Managing Board:

17-1- Inviting normal and extra-ordinary general assemblies.

17-2- Execution of the decisions made by the general assemblies.

17-3- Holding lectures, as well as scientific, technical and research-based meetings, taking into account the country’s current regulations.

17-4- Preparing criteria and enforcing regulations.

17-5- Preparing annual reports of the association’s activities for presenting to the general assembly.

17-6- Preparing balance-sheet for presenting to the general assembly.

17-7- Attracting and accepting presents and financial contributions for association.

17-8- Offering reforms and alterations in memorandum to extraordinary general assembly.

17-9- Administration of association affairs in the frame of memorandum terms.

17-10- Forming different executive and specialized committees and determining the type of activity and keep check on them.

17-11- Election and introducing association representatives to internal and external scientific communities, regarding state laws and regulations.

17-12- To lodge complaint against legal and natural persons and defend association from complaints which are held against, in all places to refer and steps of judgment with the right of appointing lawyer.

17-13- Adopt decision towards the association membership in internal and external communities, considering current laws and regulations.

17-14- Proclaiming dissolution for association to extraordinary general assembly.


C - Inspector:

Article 18- Association will have a main inspector and one as reserve, which once for two years will be elected by ballot from amongst the continuous members.

Article 19 - Inspector duties are as follows:

19-1- Verifying all documents and financial records and preparing report to general assembly.

19-2- Verifying managing board's report, both financial and non financial, and preparing a report on association’s function and its presentation to the general assembly.

19-3- Reporting any managing board's transgressions or violations of memorandum terms to general assembly.

19-4- Inviting extraordinary general assembly in cases of need.

Article 20- Taking part of inspector in managing board sessions is permissible with-out the right to vote, and he/she could anytime demand documents and account-books from the managing board to be verified.

Article 21- At the end of each fiscal year, managing board's chief will remit association's annual activities report and the balance sheet of that unit to inspector for verification, at least 45 days before holding the first annual general assembly.

Article 22 - Association financial resources are:

22-1- Members subscription fees

22-2- Provision of presents and contributions


Chapter 5- Cases of Association Dissolution:

Article 23- In the event of requesting by the managing board or inspector or one third of continuous members and approval of two third of the general assembly members, association for any reason will be dissolved.

Article 24- Extra-ordinary general assembly, which decides to dissolve the association, at the same session will take action towards the selection of liquidators (liquidation board) and determining its assignment duration.

Article 25- Liquidation board gives its report in extraordinary general assembly session. Termination of liquidation actions should be passed by the extra-ordinary general assembly and advertised in one of the widely circulated news papers, and remitted to the ministry of health, treatment, and medical education.

Note- The remaining association properties, after payment of debits and expenditures, with approval of the managing board will be donated to state pharmacy faculties.


Chapter 6 - Other regulations:

Article 26- Features and programs and other actions which have been provisioned in memorandum, if in any case deal with one of the state institutions and ministries functions, after attaining of their agreements will be enforced.

Article 27- This memorandum contains 6 chapters, 27 articles, and 16 notes, and on the date of 2nd May 1994 was approved by the founder managing board.

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